Protecting Pike County's Farms and Forests

The Pike County Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program is now in its 13th year of funding.

Mission Statement

box"To provide for the protection of drinking water; wildlife habitat; preservation of scenic ridges and critical open space; protection of water quality of rivers, lakes and streams; parks and recreational areas; improved county and municipal planning; and related acquisitions of real property or interests therein from willing sellers on a voluntary basis and to provide education, outreach and the provision of funds for such purposes."


boxIn November 2005, Pike County voters affirmed the importance of preserving and protecting the natural resources of Pike County and the County's scenic rural character, by voting "Yes" with a margin of more than 2 to 1 on the Scenic Rural Character Preservation $10 Million bond referendum placed on the ballot by the County Commissioners.

Approval of the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Bond was an important step in protecting the County's natural resources, preserving sensitive natural areas and critical open space, providing parks and recreation areas and improving planning efforts at both the County and Municipal levels.

A nine-member Board was appointed in April 2006. The Scenic Rural Character Preservation Board met regularly throughout the year working on the development of policies and procedures for the administration of the County's first Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program.

In Fall 2006, the Commissioners approved the Municipal Planning Initiatives manual and it was distributed to the thirteen municipalities in the county. The Manual contained the guidelines for Pike County municipalities to access Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program funds for the purposes of "municipal planning." Grant funds under this aspect of the program were provided for municipalities to undertake the development or update of Municipal Comprehensive and/or Open Space Plans or the update of land use ordinances such as Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO), Zoning, Stormwater or Floodplain Ordinances.

With the Municipal Planning Initiatives Manual effectively in use, the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Board created a secondary manual, the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program Manual, which provides funding guidelines for Conservation Easements and Acquisitions as well as the continuation of the Municipal Planning Initiatives. This Pike County Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program Manual was completed in October 2007. To learn more about our funding categories, check out the "Grants" page.

Board & Administration

box The 9-member Preservation Board is comprised of the following members:



The Scenic Rural Character Preservation Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, beginning at 3:30pm. Meetings are held at the Pike County Planning Office at 837 Route 6, Shohola, PA 18458. Click here for the meeting schedule.

Pike County Commissioners provide staff support for the Preservation Program through the Planning Office. The Preservation Planner is responsible for administration of this program.


July 16, 2019

Ribbon Cutting at Rock Hill property.

September 5, 2018

Commissioners another Marcellus Mini-Grant award.

April 19, 2017

Commissioners annouce first round of funding under SRCP Marcellus Mini-Grant Program.